Thursday, 15 December 2016

Milk and Blush Hair Extensions!

As I'm sure some of you noticed I chopped off a lot of my locks earlier this year; my hair was very long but I was going to Thailand and knew upkeep in a hot hot country would be difficult while travelling, so I decided to get it cut shorter! I really missed my long hair so I reached out to Milk and Blush and after speaking with Sammy they very kindly sent me out a set of hair extensions to try!

The extensions I got were the 24-26" (180g) Full Head Classic Set in "Oh my Gwen Stefani", these extensions come with 10 wefts which includes a quad weft which I absolutely love! The extensions arrived very quickly and I was actually super impressed with the packaging they come in. With previous companies I've used the hair extensions have come in a plastic sleeve with a piece of cardboard backing giving details of the product, but with the Milk and Blush extensions they came in a very pale pink box with a separate care guide and other small cards giving information  (and they sent me a personalised note which I thought was lovely!).

The colour 'Oh my Gwen Stefani' is the palest blonde shade they produce, when I opened them I thought they were much more yellow toned in real life than they looked on the website so I would definitely recommend using their shade matching service rather than guessing from the site!

I didn't mind the yellow tone of blonde that much as I knew I was going to be custom dyeing them all different colours, but I wanted to check and make sure they could be toned to a whiter bright blonde. Mainly so they would match my actual hair as closely as possible, but also just to test out how well the colours would take to the hair.

I managed to tone them to this more ashy blonde which I was happy with, they have several different tones in them which make them look more natural! I did this with just a home made toner (extremely diluted purple dye), but I'm sure you could push the colour to a white/silver colour with a better one.

When I open new extensions I do like to check through the hairs to check the colour consistency; in the past I've bought extensions that have quite a lot of darker strands in the wefts to 'pad out' the set, but with this set I checked very very carefully and only found around 4 darker strands which is obviously not noticeable at all so I was quite pleased about that!

In terms of quality I feel this set is a solid product, the hair is 100% Remy human hair so it feels beautifully silky smooth and the clips on the wefts are fab, they're metal and have a silicone strip on the inside to prevent slipping! Extensions I used to use a few years back didn't have silicone so I was super happy that I didn't have to backcomb my hair with this set! On my tester weft one of the clips broke when I first opened it but I didn't find this much of an issue as I had spare clips and was happy to sew a new clip on. However I am confident Sammy and the Milk and Blush team would have done whatever they could to fix the issue if I had notified them as they were always very lovely and helpful! 

I'm really impressed with how well they took up colour when I custom dyed them, I feel they look stunning how I currently have them but I will attempt to strip them and do something different later on. So far I'm really surprised with how little hair has shed from them! I've noticed far more of my own hairs floating around which is (not great for my hair) amazing!

Over all I'm stoked with the extensions! I'm loving styling and playing around with them and would recommend to anyone looking for some!

Full Head Hair Extensions - Classic Set provided for review by Milk and Blush. Though these items were received free of charge, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are the author’s own.



  1. Your custom dyed hair and Milk and Blush extensions came out looking beautiful! If I hadn't read the post and had only seen the final photo I would have thought it was all your own beautiful long hair - you look gorgeous!

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  3. P.S.: Thanks for letting me know via your Twitter that you'll be posting here on your Blogspot blog again! :D
    P.P.S.: I love your recent YouTube video PEACH PRINCESS | DonaLoveHair Wig Unboxing (and try-on)

  4. I really love the hair color! It fits you so well! xo, Baroness Susan Greenfield

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